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Welcome to the latest, cleanest whatismyip site on the internets. Here you will find a number of online networking tools. First and foremost is the find my ip address service. That displays your current public IP address on all pages. This allows you to quickly discover what your IP address, great for troubleshooting and many other reasons.

Next up we have a browser identification page, that shows your User Agent, Location and Internet Service Provider.

Ping is the next tool we have and it allows you to quickly ping any IP address from our server, giving you a good understanding of the latency between our server and the target IP address.

Traceroute is the next tool, and this is a fun one. Track the route a packet will take from our Linode server to any other site on the internet. This will map the results onto a google map for easy reference.

Port Scanning is a great way to test a firewall and thats what our final service allows you to do, click the button to perform a quick port scan against your IP address. If you wish to test another IP address you will need to head over to our parent site HackerTarget.com, where you will have access to a full nmap port scan as well as many other security related testing tools.

Want to learn about TCP/IP? This is the best reference on the subject and has just been released in a second edition. Hit the link now to check it out.